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“PRAYER To have Recovery” regarding KJV Bible

“PRAYER To have Recovery” regarding KJV Bible

Jeremiah | Evaluate entire part | Select verse in the framework Hast thou thoroughly refused Judah? hath thy heart lothed Zion? as to why hast thou smitten you, and there’s no recovery for us? we looked for tranquility, and there’s no good; and also for the lifetime of recovery , and you can view troubles!

Serves cuatro:twenty-two | Check whole section | Select verse during the framework With the boy is over forty years old, to the just who that it secret away from recuperation try shewed.

Psalms | Check entire part | Discover verse in context He’s going to esteem the latest prayer of your own destitute, and not despise its prayer .

Psalms 17:step one | Look at entire chapter | Come across verse inside perspective (An excellent Prayer of David.) Pay attention to the best, O LORD, sit in unto my personal scream, bring ear canal unto my prayer , one goeth not out from feigned mouth area.

Psalms 109:cuatro | Have a look at entire part | Select verse when you look at the framework To have my love they are my personal foes: however, We bring myself unto prayer

Isaiah 56:seven | Glance at entire chapter | Come across verse in the framework Also him or her am i going to bring to my personal holy slope, and make her or him joyful in my house out of prayer : their burnt offerings in addition to their sacrifices shall be accepted abreast of mine altar; to own mine home should be named an household away from prayer to possess everybody.

Psalms 102:1 | See whole section | Come across verse in the perspective (A good Prayer of your own affected, as he is actually weighed down, and you may poureth away his problem before the LORD.) Hear my personal prayer , O LORD, and you will assist my personal cry already been unto thee.

Jeremiah | Look at whole chapter | Select verse inside the perspective There is nothing so you can plead thy end up in, that thou mayest be likely up: thou hast no recuperation medicines.

Nahum step 3:19 | Check whole chapter | Look for verse into the perspective There isn’t any recuperation off thy damage; thy wound is actually grievous: all that listen to the new bruit from thee will clap the hands over thee: to possess abreast of just who hath perhaps not thy wickedness enacted continually?

Nehemiah step 1:eleven | Consider entire section | Come across verse within the perspective O Lord, We beseech thee, help today thine ear canal become alert to the brand new prayer out-of thy slave, also to the new prayer out-of thy servants, who want so you can anxiety thy name: and you may prosper, We pray thee, thy slave today, and you can offer your compassion on vision of this guy. To have I became brand new king’s cupbearer.

dos Chronicles 6:19 | Glance at whole chapter | Discover verse during the context Have value hence towards prayer from thy servant, in order to his supplication, O LORD my God, so you can hearken unto this new scream in addition to prayer and therefore thy slave prayeth prior to thee:

1 Corinthians | Evaluate entire section | Get a hold of verse into the framework Have the ability to brand new gift suggestions out-of data recovery ? do-all talk to tongues? do all interpret?

Acts | Examine whole chapter | Come across verse in perspective Just how God anointed God off Nazareth having this new Holy Ghost in accordance with strength: just who went in the performing an excellent, and healing all that had been oppressed of your own devil; for God is with him.

1 Timothy 4:5 | Have a look at whole chapter | Pick verse in the perspective For it is sanctified by the term of God and you may prayer .

step 1 Kings 8:28 | See entire part | Find verse in the framework Yet keeps thou respect unto the fresh prayer off thy slave, and their supplication, O LORD my Jesus, so you’re able to hearken unto the brand new scream in order to the fresh prayer , hence thy servant prayeth just before thee to day:

Work | Check whole chapter | Look for verse within the framework Not for all the injustice during the exploit hands: plus my personal prayer was absolute.

Revelation twenty-two:2 | Look at entire chapter | See verse within the framework In the middle of the street out-of it, and on each side of river, is truth be told there new tree off lifetime, and that bare a dozen technique of fruit, and you may yielded their fresh fruit per month: as well as the leaves of one’s tree was for the data recovery from the places.

Luke nine:six | Examine whole section | Look for verse when you look at the context And departed, and went through the brand new places, preaching the brand new gospel, and you will recovery every where.

Malachi cuatro:dos | See whole part | Find verse into the perspective However, unto you one anxiety my personal title will the sun’s rays out-of righteousness develop which have recuperation in his wings; and you may ye shall go onward, and mature once the lower legs of one’s stands

Philippians 1:cuatro | Have a look at entire part | Come across verse during the framework Constantly in virtually any prayer from exploit to own all of you to make demand that have contentment,

Psalms 86:step one | Check whole chapter | Look for verse in framework (A beneficial Prayer out-of David.) Ribbon off thine ear canal, O LORD, pay attention to myself: having I’m terrible and you may needy.

Romans ten:step one | Consider entire chapter | Get a hold of verse during the perspective Brethren, my heart’s appeal and you will prayer so you’re able to God for Israel is actually, which they could be conserved.

Jeremiah eight:16 | Check whole part | See verse for the framework Hence pray not thou because of it anybody, none pick up scream nor prayer for them, neither create intercession in my experience: for I won’t pay attention to thee.

Jeremiah | See whole section | Select verse when you look at the framework For this reason hope not thou for it someone, neither pick up a-cry or prayer in their eyes: to have I will not hear her or him on date which they cry unto me because of their problems.

2 Corinthians nine:14 | See whole chapter | Select verse for the perspective And also by their prayer for you, and this long afterwards your toward exceeding elegance off God inside your.

Matthew | Check whole chapter | Get a hold of verse when you look at the context Woe unto you, scribes and you can Pharisees, hypocrites! having ye take in widows’ home, and good pretence generate long prayer : for this reason ye will have the deeper damnation.

dos Corinthians 1:11 | Have a look at entire chapter | Find verse when you look at the framework Ye and additionally permitting along with her of the prayer having us, you to to your present bestowed upon us of the technique of many persons thank you tends to be given by of many toward our behalf.

Philippians 4:six | Examine whole chapter | Select verse into the perspective Be mindful to own little; but in everything because of the prayer and you will supplication having thanksgiving let their needs be produced recognized unto Goodness.

Luke nine:11 | Look at whole section | Select verse during the perspective And the anyone, when they realized it, implemented him: and then he acquired him or her, and you will spake unto her or him of one’s kingdom away from Jesus, and you can healed her or him that had necessity of recuperation .

Luke | View entire part | Find verse inside the perspective Incase he rose right up from prayer , and try arrive at his disciples, the guy found him or her resting to possess sorrow,